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    Slow tabbing in Web Direct


      Back in May of last year I had a conversation with a Project Manager at FileMaker about slow tabbing in FileMaker Web Direct.  After describing the issue with slow tabbing, their response was,



      "Hey James, here was the response from PM: "WebDirect in 14 actually has fixes to address this issue. I was aware of this issue customers had with 13. We fixed this by implementing client side tabbing wherever possible. When able to do client side tabbing we don’t communicate with server and this is how we improved the performance. Due to the nature of FileMaker and webdirect, not ALL types of fields can be done via client side tabbing. The WebDirect pdf guide (he will be able to see this at launch) talk about what type of fields do client side tabbing.


      The gist is to keep the field as simple, as default, as possible. For example (customer should try this to understand the concept) adding default edit fields will use client side tabbing. As soon as validation, script triggers, data formatting, conditional formatting are added we have to use server side tabbing. That should conceptually make sense since we don’t have a Draco engine running in the browser. “

      Because these issues were supposedly fixed in Web Direct 14 I let it go until the final release came out.  Now that FM14 has been out for a while, I am still experiencing abysmal performance while tabbing between fields that, according to the above, meet all of the requirements to be a client-side tabbed field.  Unfortunately the PM I was working with no longer works at FileMaker, I have scoured the FileMaker 14 Web Direct User Guide for references to client-side tabbing and found none.

      What say you, FileMaker?  What's going on with this?

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          Thank you for your post.


          I'm not familiar with the differences in client-side and server-side tabbing or the slowness you mention, but if you could get me a sample file that reproduces I would be happy to check it out! Sending you a private message to your inbox.



          FileMaker, Inc.

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            I reproduced this on a Web Direct hosted file of the default Inventory solution included in FileMaker 14.


            1) Host the default 'Inventory' starter solution on FMS 14 via Web Direct

            2) Go to the 'Product Details | iPad' layout

            3) Try tabbing from one field to another, you'll see a delay of ~30-120ms between hitting the tab button and cursor actually going to the next field.  The delay you're seeing is the web client reaching out to the FileMaker server waiting for FileMaker server to apply any validation or checks that might be on that field.  According to what the FileMaker PM said above, any field that doesn't have validation ("As soon as validation, script triggers, data formatting, conditional formatting are added we have to use server side tabbing.") should revert to Client Side tabbing (i.e. not waiting for a response from the server to advance to the next field).  The Item field on the Inventory layout is a simple, text, indexed field with no validation applied to it either in the Define Database dialog window or any other validation options within the inspector. (Or perhaps it is, one of the issues is the lack of any documentation from FileMaker as to what features require server-side tabbing in order to function.)


            Unless I'm missing something and there IS an option enabled for that field that would cause the server-side tabbing to take precedence over client-side, this would appear to not be functioning correctly.



            One thing that I noticed on my solution was that the mere presence of an object that DID have validation seemed to negate client-side tabbing altogether.

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              Actually now I can do you one better.  Add 3 fields to the Startup layout and go to the layout in Web Direct and try tabbing between the fields. Notice that it's very responsive.


              Now add a blank Popover Button to the layout and try tabbing between the fields again.  It appears as if the mere presence of a Popover button makes the entire layout and all tabbed objects default to server-side tabbing for some reason.