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    Tab and Portal Row Question


      I am using FileMaker 14. I have a layout with a tab object with two tabs (Invoices and Invoice Details). Each tab has a portal. The first tab's portal is a list of invoices, the second is details related to the invoice selected in the first portal. When you select an invoice in the Invoices tab, the Invoice Details tab becomes the active tab and the portal updates with details of the invoice selected. Sorry!. I would like to have the portal row selected in the Invoice tab become the current row when the user navigates back to the Invoice tab. I've been trying to get this to work using the OnTabSwitch trigger to no avail. Thank you (I know, this purely OCD related and absolutely does affect the functionality of the application).

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          I have a similar setup that replicates the tabs (it used to be tabs) but is now actually a different layout per "tab".  I think the theory would work either way


          When a user clicks to swap the tab, there is a script that fires that records

          Set Variable $$CurrentRow = Get (ActivePortalRowNumber)

          as well as the active portal name


          Then when you click back to the first tab from the second, it does a Go to Object (portal name) and then

          go to portal row [select; no dialog; $$currentRow]

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            Have you considered putting both portals side by side on the same tab? The selector portal can be a long list with only a single row of detail visible for each, the row itself set as a script which highlights the selected row and posts that row to a detail global field that controls the details portal. This can be a much larger, one row portal that can show all the detail fields you need. It seems to me this would be simpler than switching tabs. As an alternative, the detail portal could also be placed on a popover.