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    On Timer Script Issue


      I have an ontimer script that is set to trigger on recordload on a layout called customers. What I am trying to accomplish is to log  a user off this particular layout if no activity is being present. Right now I have it set to 5 minutes. Script works perfect however, when I leave this layout, the script continues to run behind the scenes even if on a different layout .


      The script is as followed  Install OnTimer (Close Customer Layout Script) Interval:300

      Exit Script [  ]


      Close Customer Layout Script is   Go to Layout Dashboard.


      So what's happening is even if I'm on different layout, I'm getting kicked back to the dashboard after 5 mins. What do I do to stop this ?

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          Set it in a If() loop so:

          If ( current layout = the one you want it to run on )

          Install OnTimer (Close Customer Layout Script) Interval:300


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            Thank you for your post.


            The Install OnTimer Script will continue to run until either that WINDOW is closed, or another Install OnTimer Script step installs another timer.  Therefore, changing to another layout is not going to stop the timer.  To stop the timer, execute another Install OnTime Script step without specifying a script or interval.  Since you want to stop the timer when the user leaves the current layout, create a new script "Stop Timer" with the script step:

                Install OnTimer Script [ ]


            Next, go into Layout Mode, pull down the Layouts menu, and select "Layout Setup...".  Click the "Script Triggers" tab at the top right, select the option "OnLayoutExit", and select the script "Stop Timer".


            In essence, whenever you leave the layout, any active Install OnTimer Script will be halted.


            Let me know if you need additional clarification.



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              Very cool. New info!

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                Ahh! Thanks for the clarification. Always learning!