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Creating multiple lookups to Static Reference table for values to be calculated.

Question asked by CharlieS on Apr 8, 2016
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I'm fairly new to FileMaker. I have been charged with becoming the resident expert and updating several systems from FileMaker 5 to 12/13.


Here is my problem.


We have one table "Operations". In it are 10 fields  (Additional Operation1, 2, ...). They currently use a value list to an unrelated table "List_Operations" to choose from 73 choices (records). Currently, all it does is fill the field and there are calculations that have to be entered manually. I want to be able to add the static numbers to the "List_Operations" table, and then get/lookup the corresponding field(s) there to automate those calculations (Additional setup hours, machine hours, etc.). These values would not change. So I don't think a join table between them is the right solution as the table on one side remains constant and is only used for reference.


Does anyone have a similar setup or some help?


Thank you,