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How to Delimit Text

Question asked by TKnTexas on Apr 8, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 11, 2016 by TKnTexas

I have a report, the AR Aging, printed from the accounting system (Great Plains).  The "SmartLists" do not extract the data as we need it.  This would be great because we could get it into Excel.  So I can write a report as a text file.  It is exported as Tab-Delimited. 


The lines of DATA I can identify as such using PatternCount.  I then can use MiddleWords to parse it.  My difficulty comes in the data that the company Name and ID is written, as well as the Contact Name/Phone.


The data is TAB-DELIMITED.  But I cannot see how to determine the positions of the Tabs in the line.  I cannot use MiddleWords as the Customer ID and Customer Name may be one, two or more words.  How to do I determine the Tabs position?