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    FileMaker Server 14 Max Schedule Script


      Dear FM Pros,


      Could you please advise, what is the maximum number of scripts that can

      be added to the FileMaker Server 14 " Schedules" list?


      This scripts may not be run simultaneously.


      Thanks in advance.



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          I'm not sure there is a hard limit.  This begs the question,  what are you trying to do?


          I'm working with a couple of projects that run scripts on the server.  In my case the primary function is to setup data for a related iPad/mirrorsync file.  One script runs every 10 minutes and updates a limited set of data.  Another script runs once per day but can move/update 8000 - 10000 records.  The second one runs in the dark of morning ( 1 AM ) so users are not affected.

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            I think there is no limit in disabled schedules, but it will be "uncontrollable" if so many schedules are listed in admin console.


            Server help says "there are 2 queues ...", so if you define "messaging or script" schedule more than one, the schedules may run simultaneously.