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FM Go, 'save records as pdf' document is corrupt?

Question asked by justinc on Apr 10, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 13, 2016 by justinc

I am trying to get a layout designed for printing to export from the iPad so that it can be emailed to a customer.  The records are browsed on the print layout, then exported to the Temp path.  It then inserts that file into a container, the idea being that the customer could then review the document before signing it.


But the document appears to be coming out corrupted - it's just a black screen when viewed on the iPad.  The container on the layout just shows a basic PDF icon instead of the document itself.  All of these functions work correctly from FMPro on my computer.  But when a correct PDF is viewed on the iPad the container still only shows a thumbnail of the first page - it's not interactive.  That's kind of the whole point of this able to review what you are signing, you know?


FMGo 14.04, iOS 9.3;  FMPro 14.05, OSX 10.9.5.