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Using sub-summary parts to create optional printed pages

Question asked by dsimonson on Apr 11, 2016
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I have a report printout that is very long with a number of optional pages.  The optional pages may or may not contain data, so I would like to eliminate them if they are not needed. 


I remember from somewhere that I may be able to do this using sub summary parts.  What I would like to do is have a field (or fields) that I set in my main table that would dictate the pages that get printed.


For example, if I have more than 30 remarks records to display, which I show on page 1 and then “continue” on page 3, I need to trigger the display of the sub summary part containing page 3.  I have figured out how to show/hide some text on page 1 saying “continued on page 3”  – I hide the text when count(relatedRemarksTable::remarks) < 31. 


Complicating this, I have moved a number of “continuing” fields to this optional page 3 - not just remarks.  That’s why I want to do something using a field I set in the main table - if it is set to “3”, show page 3, etc.  Then if any of the tables contain more than the number of records that can be displayed on page 1, page 3 will be triggered to display.


Is this too much to ask of a sub summary part?  My previous answer was to create a number of different layouts with additional pages - e.g. layout 1 has one page, layout 2 has 2 pages, etc. - And then use scripting to call up the layouts based on some global variable I set.