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    Public Keynote Suggestion




      like WWDC from Apple split the keynote in two.

      First keynote is public and streamed over the internet.

      Second keynote is for developers and private.


      Topcis on first key are:

      * Record growth news

      * FM 15 news

      * Demonstration of solutions built with FM 15 using new technology.

      * Showing cool stuff in the pipeline which may come for FM 16.


      Topics on second keynote are:

      * Detailed tech news about FM 15.

      * FM 16 preview (with NDA)

      * License changes

      * Server changes


      and so on.

      The key thing is that you could try to stream 1. keynote to people and especially attract it to people who are new or interested in FileMaker and generate some buzz.


      Thanks for considering.