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File displaying odd characters

Question asked by BenECAFM on Apr 12, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 14, 2016 by BenECAFM

I'm fairly new to FM, using 14 Pro.

I've been working on a client databse, among other things. Last night I did a bit of work on one of my projects. This morning I opened it again and all the characters have been replaced by mathematical symbols and similar characters. FIeld labels, field contents have been changed, but not text such as field names. When I opened other projects, most opened in the same, corrupted way.

I tried starting new projects from starter solutions, and they all open with the strange characters. The one file which opens normally is one I previously started with the 'tasks' starter solution.

I've attached one screenshot to demonstrate.

Any ideas why?


Seems like it's just adopting that character set for all files (confusingly, not for the tasks solution). I can't even find a preferences setting in the program for this.