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Getting a subtotal of expenses from different value lists

Question asked by debbyhill on Apr 12, 2016
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I am still a newbie with Filemaker so please be patient with my explanation and understanding...


I have two tables joined by the account number of the various budgets we maintain.  The Budget table has 17 records with the account details including the beginning amount for the 5 different categories (Salary, Fringe, Travel, Commodities, Contractual Services) under each record.  The other table is the Expense table that has the individual journal entries.  Each journal entry has the amount spent and indicates which category the expense falls under through the Value List (salary, fringe, etc.)


I need a layout that shows the record of an individual budget with the Beginning total and a current subtotal of the Expenses by category (value list) so that I can show a running total of the available balance in each category.


I was able to use the part definition to get a subtotal of the amount spent for each of the values list, but I haven't figured a way to get that same amount to show in a portal to use that subtotal in another calculation....or if a portal is even what I need???