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Append text onto image

Question asked by steveoh on Apr 12, 2016
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Hey FM Devs!


First, looking forward to goin to DevCon! Looks to be a fun year!


I'm wondering if there is a way to superimpose text (of any kind) onto an image file to be used for attachments and so forth?  I currently do a lot of design work (among the many hats I wear) and I would like to be able to post running dates onto an image from filemaker rather than having to edit in photoshop, save as jpeg, put into filemaker, and then send.  There's a lot of steps there that I'm hoping to reduce, especially with the frequency of posts.


It must first be noted what I have tried:

Creating a layout with a container field and expiry dates and exporting as pdf (this works, for PDF, but does not produce the intended result)


Any help would be appreciated