Conditional formatting doesn't change text color of formatted text field

Discussion created by realgrouchy on Apr 12, 2016
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Product and version FileMaker Pro Advanced 14.0.5

OS and version OSX 10.10.5

Hardware iMac


I have a situation analagous to the "Other" checkbox in a set of survey options. When "Other" is selected, I want a textbox to unhide and I want the label to change to "Other:"


To attempt to accomplish this goal, I formatted the colon to the same colour as the background and applied conditional formatting to change the textbox to the default text colour (707070) when the field associated with the "Other" checkbox is valid.


Expected results: All text in the textbox should change to 707070 when the conditional format is true.


Actual results: The colon remains the background colour.

How to replicate

See attached file. The two text fields at the top "bgcol colon:" are identical. I set it to change to purple instead of the 707070 to stand out more.


You can also see the "textbluered" object how the colour-formatted text does not change to match the conditional formatting. Is it supposed to be behaving this way?


The Conditional Formatting works again if the text is changed to all the same colour, but this could be frustrating if, for example, a user thinks they changed all the text to the same colour but there is a stray space at the end.

Workaround: In this instance, I was able to first format the entire textbox as the background colour, then select everything except colon to change it to 707070. This way the colon was the part that changed.


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