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fmp_updater_14.0.2.200_x64.exe problem

Question asked by djmarusha on Apr 13, 2016

Due to unknown error -1

Re: FileMaker 14 64 Bit and Send Mail via Email Client Outlook 64 Bit Not Working

I needed to update FileMaker 14 according to

Software Update: FileMaker Pro and FileMaker Pro 14.0.2 Advanced release notes | FileMaker.


I downloaded FileMaker Pro 14v2 Updater  (fmp_updater_14.0.2.200_x64.exe), double clicked on it, but I got message:

"The updates could not be applied. This updater requires one of the following:


FileMakerPro 14.0.1. 64-bit


Please obtain an appropriate updater for your product. The products installed on your system are listed in the Programs and Features control panel."


But, under Programs and Features section of Control Panel there is info about FileMaker Pro 14 (x64) installed.


How that is possible? What I`m missing? Same situation with two different FileMaker 14 (Pro and Advanced) on two different computers.


Please, help...