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setfield works on first row in portal, but not the other rows

Question asked by user26728 on Apr 12, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 13, 2016 by user26728

Hello.  Anybody have an idea what would cause this behavior?


I have a layout with a portal. (this is a FM 14 file)

It's setup to run a script when a value is changed in a field in the portal.

The script sets the fields in the portal row and then copies the values to a record in another table.

The problem I am having , happens when you do the same thing in the next row of the portal.

The script is triggered, but doesn't copy the values to the other table..

The weird thing is, If I delete all the records in the second table and run the script again, it works. But only the first time with the first row of the portal.


I would really appreciate any ideas  about this that someone could give me... Thanks!