FileMaker Crashing When Taking Photo

Discussion created by dzempel on Apr 12, 2016
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My client is having an issue with FileMaker crashing on an iPad when the insert from device script step is used.  I've seen some other posts regarding this but the descriptions of what and how it happens are different.


iPad mini. Version 9.2.1, just updated it to version 9.3.1.

FM Go version is 14.0.4

File size if 2 ½ GB but iPad has plenty of space so it isn't a space restriction.

We have restored to factory settings on this iPad and we have also used other iPads to rule out issues with the particular device.

Database stored locally on iPad.  One container field in table.  When user clicks on the container field it automatically does an insert from device using the back camera and full resolution.  User does not use the zoom tool.

Issue is very inconsistent.  User must use database for a little while before it happens.  Issue is as follows: user clicks container field, insert from device script step is triggered, user takes photo, user clicks "Use Photo", database crashes.  When reopened it goes through the consistency checks and the record they just created has been deleted.  They create it again and take picture and move on.

Because this has happened a few times, I took their file locally, exported all of the data as CSV files.  Recovered an empty database, then imported all data back in.  Images were exported into a separate FileMaker file and that export file was recovered before importing back into file.  Not sure if this was helpful or not but wanted to be thorough.

We have not found a work around.

Any other questions I can answer?  Thanks!