Using the Format Bar and Ruler on a Text Edit area in a Tab Control

Discussion created by ThinkSoft on Apr 13, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 13, 2016 by Benjamin Fehr

Product and version : Filemaker Pro 14.0.5

OS and version : OSX El Capitan vers. 10.11.4

Hardware:  Apple Mac Pro (Cylinder) : 3.5 GHz 6 Core Intel Xeon E5 - 32 Gb Ram

Description: When used with a Ruler on display ( programmatically ), with focus, the text area is brought to the top, while the tab control is reset to the default tab - showing the fields on that tab UNDER the text area - that has focus.

How to replicate: 

  1. Create a table with several text fields and a single "Comment" field of Text
  2. Build a layout for that table with a tab control that has two tabs
  3. Make the first tab, the default display tab
  4. Add the single line text fields to the first tab
  5. on the second tab, add a large "Comment" field - several lines deep.
  6. Set Script triggers " OnObjectEnter" and "OnObjectExit" for the Comment field to show text formatting with a script parameter of "Show" and "Hide" respectively - The script is added below:
  7. Exit Layout
  8. When the Comment field has focus - the problem appears
  9. When the comment field no longer has focus, the tab control is set back to the 2nd tab - showing the comment field with the new content.

This appears to be a complete new field being displayed over the top of the whole layout - associated with the format bar and ruler


Set Variable [$display; Value: Get(ScriptParameter)]

If [$display="Hide"]

  Allow Formatting Bar [Off]

  Show/Hide Text Ruler [Hide]


  Allow Formatting Bar [On]

  Show/Hide Text Ruler [Show]

End If

Workaround (if any)

Make the comment field large enough to cover the fields on the first tab - this is less distracting - however, the TAB control will show the first tab as "selected" while the comment field has focus.