"?" in some records' calc field . . .

Discussion created by JimPinter on Apr 13, 2016
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I am experiencing a very strange issue that I have not seen before.  There is a "?" in a calc field called "Balance" for some records for a found set where the correct balances in the same "Balance" field are being displayed in other records in the same found set.  In a found set of over 5000 records, the first 133 records display correct numbers, the next two records display "?" but will display the correct numbers only if clicked in.  The rest display "?" no matter any clicking into the fields.  I see the exact same results if I sort ascending or descending by date, so they are not the same records displaying the "?".  The fields are more than wide enough to display the entire number.


Here is the calc for the "Balance" field:


Case (

(( Get (RecordNumber) - 1) = 0 ) ; ( (g BOP Balance) + (Total Cash) ) ;

(( GetNthRecord ( Balance ; (Get (RecordNumber) - 1) )) + (Total Cash) )



Any help is greatly appreciated.


Thanks so much,