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Record locking / homepage question

Question asked by Stu412 on Apr 14, 2016
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Hi all,


I've developed a start page for a networked solution using FMS13 and several users.  The start page is based on one record which, rightly or wrongly, I believe is needed to display the customer list on this start page.


The problem I have is that, if one user stays on this start page, because it's a record, other users cannot then search the client list because they get the error message "User is modifying this record.  You cannot use this record until User is finished".


I understand why this happens, I'm looking for an alternative way to structure things.


1) The one record I have is based on a table called 'Menu' which is joined to the customer table.  Can this record become (somehow) accessible by all?

2) Do I actually need the record at all?  The menu page itself displays a portal of the customers (hence the joined I mentioned above) so I'd imagine this is the case, but if I'm missing an alternative, I'd be interested to know.


Thanks in advance