ExecuteSQL Returns Empty string when querying schema objects

Discussion created by coherentkris on Apr 13, 2016
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Why would this return null string ExecuteSQL ( "SELECT * FROM FileMaker_Tables" ; "" ; "" ) when run on a file with native tables/TO's and odbc data source tables/TO's?

Its NOT returning "?" so the syntax is right.

Windows 7 ent sp 1. FMA 13v3 connecting to FMS 13 v10.

Occurs in data Viewer and Set Var in script.

Cant select any single elements that are supposed to be returned by the Tables object either.

Length ( ExecuteSQL ( "SELECT BaseTableName FROM FileMaker_Tables" ; "" ; "" ) ) = 0 = True.


Update 1:

Seems local to one file in my system and recover did not show any issues on the most recent backup ( about an hour ago ).


Update 2:

Bumped up to FMPA13_05 and issue persists.

Rebooted server and issue persists.


Update 3:

Forcing the ExecuteSQL to run on the server still returns null string.


Update 4:

Created a copy of the file and hosted it on the server returns same null string result.


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