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    Checkbox Count


      I have a field called activated for club and its a one checkbox setup with the word yes.


      I have another field called total activated. I have a 100 records in this table and I have 60 records with the checkbox yes . How do I count the records with the checkbox yes checked? Total checkboxes should show as 60.

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          1. Add a global field gYes, it should be set a value with "Yes" when the database is opened

          2. Build a relationship as shown

          3. Add a calculation field as shown




          Hope this helps.

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            Data displayed as a check box is just that. Checkbox is a UI item and doesn't effect the table storage of your data. You can count the "Yes"s the same way you would for any other field value.


            A couple of options include searching for "Yes" and getting the record count (by hand or via script) or you could use related records and calculation fields.

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              Assuming that the checkbox holds either "Yes" or is empty, you can use a summary field Count of: checkboxField.


              Be aware that this reflects the found set, so to get a result across all records, show all records.