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Having trouble importing from excel to research notes template.

Question asked by jmesscher on Apr 13, 2016
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Just want to thank you in advance for checking out my problem.


I started a project based on the research notes template. I exported patients from filemaker pro, made some changes in the excel sheet, and now I am trying to import back into FMP. I am succeeding in transferring basic information, like the name, med rec number, date, age, gender (pretty much everything else). However, I cannot import Data::Note (left column, see below), which contains text information, back into filemaker. The Data::Note is basically lots of text that are copied from patient reports (history, diagnosis, etc).


This is what my import window looks like



This is what my research  note looks like. The Data::Note would go in the big area on the right side.



The weird thing was, I was able to export Data::Note from filemaker pro, and it was labeled as "Data::Note", I took the exact name of it. However, when I want to import it back into FMP, there is no equivalent column or Data::Note target.

Do I have to modify the relationships of these fields? Any help is appreciated.