Simple assets report by tablename

Discussion created by tackermax on Apr 13, 2016
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I'm new to FM, and creating a filemaker 14 solution and the client would like a simple report where the break field is quite simply the table names.

For instance, the entire database, all layouts sit on the Personal Information Table, which contains an auto-enter serial number ID field, called agreementID.

Within each layout, there are portal tables related by a one to many.  One agreementID, many tables, with many assets in each table.


Personal Information::agreementID = Real Estate::personalID

Personal Information::agreementID = Insurance::personalID

Personal Information::agreementID = Personal Property::personalID

Personal Information::agreementID = Stocks and Bonds::personalID


These tables are all portals, and they need to be my headings in my report, listing out all their assets they have entered.


What I need is a report with sub-summary partitions that will sort by the Table, and total all the assets from each table.  I currently have totals setup on each layout using summary fields.  However, the client really wants a report of all assets from all tables on one report for printing.  In addition, the client needs to add "for office use only" status fields on the report to be manually entered after the assets have been filled in. 

My problem is, I do not have a break field and I do not know how to design this.  This is probably a very simple solution, but I can't seem to wrap my head around the concept.

If I had a break field that was the table names, the report could be sorted out.  Is there a way to create a dummy table with values dependent on each tables values?  For instance, if the client enters Real Estate, the break field would include "Real Estate".  If they don't own any real estate, we would not have that value entered into the break field.  How do I create the right kind of break field for this report?