Help creating budget database

Discussion created by clayhendrix on Apr 14, 2016

I have created many databases using FileMaker Pro, however, none of them were for budgets or financial information. I am conversant with tables, linking, portals, calculations, and summary fields (somewhat less conversant with summary fields, but I follow instructions well).


I need to create a budget that uses a budget unit composed of multiple parts: fund, function, program, object, etc. I need to be able to see totals for different portions of the budget unit, for example the total of one function across all other portions of the budget or one object, program, etc.


I have worked for quite awhile to create a solution that is not working. I know that in the past (years) there have been lots of questions on the forum about this type of database structure, but I am not finding helpful information now.


Please send me a file the you have made or have access to or a link to instructions for creating this type of solution.


Thank you, in advance!