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Calling "full access" FileMaker script from PHP API not working as expected

Question asked by jasonsanders42 on Apr 15, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 19, 2016 by jasonsanders42

Hi All,


Using a very limited privilege set (no view/edit rights to tables/layouts, etc.), I'm calling a FileMaker script that's configured to run with full access privileges from a PHP page. This works okay, except for the full access part. The script executes, but returns errors that are consistent with insufficient privileges. To confirm that I'm really seeing what I'm think I'm seeing, I changed my php user's privilege set to be [Full Access] and tried again. The script executed without issue. So, at first blush, it appears that when running scripts from the PHP API, the "Grant Full Access Privileges setting is ignored. Digging in a little further, I used Get ( AccountPrivilegeSetName ) and Get ( CurrentPrivilegeSetName ) in the results I'm furnishing back to my php page to see what FileMaker was thinking about my situation and, to my surprise, FileMaker reported that Get ( AccountPrivilegeSetName ) was "web" (my php user's privilege set) and Get ( CurrentPrivilegeSetName ) was "[Full Access]".

Mind. Boggled.

A little more info: the specific script step that's failing is New Record/Request, and the FileMaker error that's reported is 201, Field cannot be modified. I am getting the new record created, but it's essentially blank.


Anyone out there seen this behavior? Thanks in advance.



Jason Sanders

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