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Looking for a calculation or script to round up to the next even integer

Question asked by DemersGlass on Apr 14, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 15, 2016 by DemersGlass

Hi,  Using Filemaker Pro 14 -  I am working with an established set of records, trying to add in an estimating page.  I'm stuck now getting our measurements (window glass) to round up to the next even integer to calculate the cost by total square feet..


For instance the measurements of a window would be 47.5" x 39.75" .  Our cost and customer pricing is charged by the even inches so we would base our charge on 48" x 40".  In Excel, I found a function to do this calculation, and found a custom function for Filemaker Pro Advanced, but so far am unable to determine a calculation or script that isn't quite cumbersome and prone to errors to do this.


Can anyone help me with this?