Open photoshop droplet and pass it a file

Discussion created by on Apr 14, 2016
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I have a solution that needs to pass a photoshop droplet (.app) a PNG via a file path and execute the droplet application.

I have tried 'send event' in windows but could not define the file to pass the droplet for it to act on.

I have tried 'send DDE execute' in windows but could not find a service name for the droplet.

I have tried 'send event' in OS X but FM cannot find <unknown> even though I select it from the browse dialogue, (this works for photoshop application however but I need the automated actions in the PS droplet).


Any ideas on plugins that could handle this or other options or missing info I need would be greatly appreciated.

I can't set the droplet as the defualt app for the file type as I need to select different droplets based on the record information in FM.


I'm on FM 14 Advanced Mac at the moment.