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Value List Field Check Boxes

Question asked by ZoocMan85 on Apr 15, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 17, 2016 by ZoocMan85

Hey Everyone ,


I have 3 tables i am working with.


Active Brews

Tracking Log


On my customer layout i have a field that is titled active brew list which is a value list. This value list gets populated from the active brews table.


This value list shows 2 fields.  Slot ID which is a number 1-100 and the beer name.


Slot ID must be the first value and the beer name must be the 2nd value. I can not change this given how everything is setup.


My Issue.


I have a script that when a user edits the field active brew list which is a check box set to go to to my tracking log table and record what was changed. Here is a copy of the script. My issue is when it copies the field information from active brew list, the check box field, it copies the slot number in the tracking log only. I need it to copy both fields from that value list. How can i do this? Thanks for your help.