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FileMaker Server 14 Crash w/DMP files

Question asked by TopherFox on Apr 14, 2016

We have an issue where FMS 14 crashes periodically. All clients become unresponsive and show high wait time on Admin Console. We cannot close databases (will say closing but never closed). We have to restart FMS and Admin Console to regain access, and everything works fine on restart. A DMP file is usually created (but I have not been able to open/read).

The problem sounds very similar to that listed in this post:

FileMaker Server v12.0.3 Crashes w/ DMP Files

We run FMS 14 on Windows Server 2012 R2.

The problem may come up twice in one week, or we can go over one month with no issues.

We have about 25-30 clients connected via FMP 13-14 at any given time. We have not been able to isolate a particular user behavior or script that causes the issue.

FileMaker runs a medical database for us.