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Rebuilding Asset Management DB

Question asked by Stigge on Apr 15, 2016
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I have taken over our filemaker asset management databases from the original creator (he retired).

There is TONS of layouts / scripts / variables / all what should be tables are own databases etc. its a complete mess to be honest.


Until now we have purchased all our PC´s, but now we are just going to start to lease them. And by doing this i need to rebuild our asset management databases. And am thinking about how to do it, becouse there is some requests that i need to fill with functionality, like Logging, reports with equipment that are closing in on lease end date etc.


Today the DB structure look something like this (simplyfied ALOT, total there is 30 databases):

Each of the boxes are own databases, and users are working directly on the PC/Printer/network database.

Am guessing this is not a "best practice" to have it build like this.. ? And i cant figure out how to add "Logging" to this build ether.. but that might just me my lack of knowlage that stops it.


I know i need to rebuild this. But am thinking about 2 options then..


1: Build it the same way, but use fewer databases and use tables instead. But still dont know how to add logging.


2: Build it as the picture below, and from the "View/edit" use a "Save" button before changes are made. that way i can always log changes and the users arent working direct on the raw data.


As i mentioned before, my skills are still a bit newbie =). So i figured i send the question to you experts for some input. =)