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    Mix Inventory Details in Portal


      Hello Friends,

      I have two inventory portal table 1- Purchase Details portal table and another is 2- Sale details portal table with unique ids. Now I want all the  transactions has been made in both portal tables in another 3- portal table in mix way according the transaction datewise. How it can be done . Thanks

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          Consider creating a unified Transactions and TransactionsDetails table – after all, Purchases means “stuff coming in and money going out”, while Sales is the exact reverse, so this boils more or less down to a difference in the sign you use.


          Makes it much easier to create the time-dependent report you're trying to achieve, be it as a list or in a portal; you also just need one script to manage your stock levels (and for that matter, you just need one of everything …).


          If you don't want or can't use such unified tables, investigate the “Virtual List” technique.

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            Thanks Friend