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    Search Results Portal View


      Hey Everyone,


      I have two tables, customers and customers search results. Customer search results is another Table Occurrence of customers which I have displayed in a portal. What I'm trying to do is when I do a search in customers which is the top fields here, I want only the records found to show in the portal. Here is a screen shot.


      Screen Shot.jpg

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          If you have FM 13 or 14, create a summary field, type ListOf: primaryKey.


          Create a global text field and use it for a self-join relationship between Customers and another Customers TO (e.g. CustomerSearchResults), where


          Customer::gFoundIDs = Customers_searchResults::primaryKey


          When you've found matching records, write the summary field contents into the global field.


          btw, while you need a dedicated table occurrence for the self join, it is not necessary for performing the search; you could simply open a new window (which can be positioned outside the screen bounds), perform your search, set the global field and close the window.

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            Im confused erolst.


            I created another TO  Customer Search  which is based off of customers.


            I created a field Customer Search Results Global text field and made joined it to the table Customer Search .


            So Customers::Customer Search Results = Customer Search:: Customer Search Results.


            Im confused after this point.

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              ZoocMan85 wrote:

              Im confused after this point.


              Check out the attached sample file. Note that switching the layout seems to work faster than opening a new window … but I included both ways.

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                Erolst thank you so much for the demo file it was very helpful. It has gotten me 80% there but im having two issues.


                1. The search on layout switch isnt working. I checked all fields relationship. Im using filemaker pro advanced 14 so im not sure if that has anything to do with it but here is my script.



                If i run the debug, its fine until I get to the IF Get Found Count and it throws an error of 401 no matching records.  I copied everything in your demo file to a T. I dont know what im doing wrong.


                2. When you hit show all records, the records will all show perfectly , but i set the field as a button to go to that related record. However it doesn't go to the related record. It will just bring you to the first record that's in the database for customers. I have it set to go only to the matching record as well. Thank you again for all your help.

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                  I figured it out just now. I had for CName Calc results as number and not text. Still having issues tho with the found records. On issue 2.

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                    I figured out issue 2 just now. I had it set to customers instead of customer Search table. Thank you again so much for your help.