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Discussion created by canoevalley on Apr 15, 2016
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I have 16 stores. I have products I sell at these stores. Not all stores sell all the same product. In my products file, I have a "store" check box field connected to a value list of my store numbers used to indicate what products are sold at what stores. If product "Surf Board" is sold at store 101 then I check the box. I do this for all the products for all stores.


I want to perform a Find Request to view all of the products for store 101.


This is how I want the find to work. In the products file, I click on the "Store" pop-up field to reveal the store numbers. I select store number 101 from the pop-up list and a find request is triggered and looks at my selection then presents me with all of the products for store 101.


I have tried triggers and messed around with several find scripts but come up empty handed.


Please, anyone. Can you help with my request?


Many thanks.