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Portal Row Hover Problem

Question asked by oesupport on Apr 15, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 17, 2018 by peabrainpete

I have a solution with a problem with the portal row hover. I cannot get it to turn off.


The portal has "Use alternate row state" turned on.

The Portal: Row: Primary fill color is white

The Portal: Row: Alternate fill color is gray


If I set the Portal: Row: Hover fill color to white, then the Alternate rows will change to white when hovered.

If I set the Portal: Row: Hover fill to None, then all rows will change to transparent and show the color of the background.


I have looked at other .fmp12 files and they have the Portal: Row: Hover color set to the same color as the Primary and it does not affect the color of the Alternate row when it is hovered.


I am worried that my solution might have some corruption in the css. I have run a recovery on the file and there is not change.


Has anyone else experienced this, or know how to turn the hover off?