Runtime quits with error in MacOS fullscreen mode

Discussion created by NBusch on Apr 18, 2016
Latest reply on May 2, 2016 by Benjamin Fehr

Product and version FileMaker 11 and 14 Runtime, probably 12 and 13 as well

OS and version MacOS 11.0.2

Hardware Apparently any Apple Computer

Description Terminating a runtime in fullscreen mode results in an error ( "runtime name has unexpectedly quit" ["wurde unerwartet beendet" in german, I'm not really sure about the english text])

How to replicate

  • Start a runtime solution
  • Switch to fullscreen with ctrl-cmd-F
  • Terminate runtime
  • The runtime will terminate as usual but will not display the exit screen but the error message quoted

Workaround (if any) None so far