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Can I use a pop-up list in a relationship field?

Question asked by unclemito on Apr 16, 2016
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  1. My company works with 20 or so vendors (Maker Field).
  2. A SKU can be shopped around various vendors (Maker Field) until a vendor decides to develop that SKU
  3. So I made a Maker Pop Up List of these 20 vendors for the data-entry person to use to populate that Maker Field of the Design Table when they are inputting and updating SKU's.
  4. I am creating a Maker Table with the vendor info so I want to create a relationship with the Maker Field in the Maker Table as Parent and the Maker Field in Design Table as the Child.
  5. So in the case of vendor changing its Company Name, I would want that name change to propagate throughout the entire database.
  6. Since the data in the Maker Field in the Design Table is coming from the Maker Pop Up List, will the data in Maker Field in Design Table update with the name change in the Maker Field in Maker Table?