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    Value list query


      Hello All,


      is it possible to display a different set of values in a dropdown list to what is displayed when the option is selected.


      for example if i had some linked fields with random values as below.


      field 1 "banana"  - linked to field 2 with value "fruit one"

      field 1 "orange"  - linked to field 2 with value "fruit two"

      field 1 "apple"  - linked to field 2 with value "fruit three"


      i now have a portal that has a field in it displaying fruits - there is a field in this where i want to display the values of field 2 but i want to make it user friendly so when the user clicks on the dropdown for this field it will actually display the field one values. eg. if i click the dropdown it will show banana, orange and apple, if i click orange, the dropdown will close and that field will display fruit two rather than orange.


      extremely confusing sorry but i really need this as we are working with a lot of numbers and i want to display it like this rather than having a dropdown where they select the fruit and then a separate linked field beside it displaying whether it is fruit one fruit two or fruit three.

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          There is an option that you can display the name and the number together. Why do you need the number displayed?


          You can do this with two fields on top of each other and some creative scripting or you can have a script trigger to set the field to a value not in the value list once you make a selection. What version of FM are you using?

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            number can contain letters etc. as well - it is just the product code but it would be impossible memorize all the product codes as there are over 20000 product variations with their own codes. hence why i wanted to display the description alonside the code but if i do this, it saves it in that field including the description and then other related fields will not calculate.


            i hadn't thought of layering fields - may try this if i don't hear of any other suggestions


            using fm14 advanced

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              Sounds like you want to use a Popup field rather than a dropdown. You can change this field type setting and then change your value list to only show the name field while using the product code for the relationship.


              Basically this is a nice thing for using the numbers to relate records but let users see the name instead of the number on the display.

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                so with this i want the popup menu to show one lot of data but when clicked/selected, i want to see just the product code in that field - i still haven't worked out how to do this? so in the popup, i have created an extra field within the table that combines the code and description and the value list references that. the field is set to display the product code only but when you select an option from the list it saves the code and description.


                e.g in the popup it might display 1234 - banana (field set to calculate as product code & " - " & description


                when i select that option, i want it to just display 1234 in the field.

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                  hey everyone - if anyone has the same problem as i have had - i have just found the solution. When you choose the value lists for the dropdown/popup, check the also display values from second field option and then down the bottom check the show values only from second field. In my case, i had product code in the stock description field and product code+description in stock description details field so when i click on the dropdown box now, i see the code+description, and when i click on an option, it saves just the product code in the field for me.

                  Screenshot of value list options.png