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Question asked by jp98 on Apr 17, 2016
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Hello All,


is it possible to display a different set of values in a dropdown list to what is displayed when the option is selected.


for example if i had some linked fields with random values as below.


field 1 "banana"  - linked to field 2 with value "fruit one"

field 1 "orange"  - linked to field 2 with value "fruit two"

field 1 "apple"  - linked to field 2 with value "fruit three"


i now have a portal that has a field in it displaying fruits - there is a field in this where i want to display the values of field 2 but i want to make it user friendly so when the user clicks on the dropdown for this field it will actually display the field one values. eg. if i click the dropdown it will show banana, orange and apple, if i click orange, the dropdown will close and that field will display fruit two rather than orange.


extremely confusing sorry but i really need this as we are working with a lot of numbers and i want to display it like this rather than having a dropdown where they select the fruit and then a separate linked field beside it displaying whether it is fruit one fruit two or fruit three.