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need help importing into a portal

Question asked by jp98 on Apr 17, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 20, 2016 by bigtom

i need to import records into a portal in my database but i have come across a number of problems.


i have a table that contains a list of all products with product category, product name, product description etc. etc.


the data i need to import is a list of products that are included in a quote for a customer. however, this data only includes product name, product description and quantity. to use this data i need to run a script that also finds the product category for each product before it imports it into the quote.


currently i have a portal where i can select product category from a dropdown, then a second dropdown beside that displays all products within that category which i can select and once selected it will also display the product description beside it and a price from the table mentioned earlier as well as setting the quantity to one. what i can't work out is how to import into this portal so that it does all the above things.


my thoughts so far have been to import the data into a separate table and then run a few looping scripts from there to find the additional information and then import the records to where they are required and then a final script step to delete all records from this additional table - pretty much just a temporary storage table.


sorry for the extremely long message and for how confusing it is but hopefully you can help me resolve my problem!!!