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      Please lead me to the appropriate direction where I can find how to when I press a button in file maker go on my iPhone it takes me to my stopwatch on my iPhone Thanks

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          To call another app from within FM Go, you need to use the open URL script step and the URL scheme for the app.


          For exemple, you can open iBooks with a single script step -> Open URL: "iBooks://".


          Unfortunately, to my knowledge, the iOS clock app does not have a working URL scheme, but I might be wrong, you will need to dig into that.


          Alternatively, instead of using the iOS default app, you can try one of the many "timer" apps on the app store, one that have a working URL scheme.


          Hope that helps.


          Take care.

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            If you want to start stop watch counting time with the button, there may be Javascript stop watch it run in web viewer.