Filemaker 14 crashing very often while using script workplace

Discussion created by scubed on Apr 19, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 21, 2016 by scubed

Product and version (e.g. FileMaker Pro Advanced14.0.1) 64 bit

OS and version Windows 10

Hardware PC Running off FM14 Server on a PC running Windows Server 12R2



1. Constant crashes when entering text into a script. I am using the Ctl s button to save all work, since I've really been burned on this one.


2. When entering a line of code, it occasionally  and randomly moves itself to an entirely unrelated location in the script.

I have ScriptMaster 64 installed

I can't find any specific sequence that makes this happen, but it is really a pain.

Ctl s is the only workaround I've found.


Windows reports that the application has crashed. I haven't recorded any dumps, but I could if you would like to see one.