Clickable path to file dragged into interactive content container

Discussion created by cfawcett09 on Apr 20, 2016
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Hi all,


I am hoping someone can help me with this problem, as it is driving me crazy! 


I have a database that is used to store images.  The database is hosted remotely from a server.  These images are saved as PDFs on a different server, which allows us to view them in a container field which is optimized for interactive content.  What I would love, is to set up a script upon modifying that container (i.e. upon dragging a PDF into it), which then automatically inserts the path of that image into a text field.  That way the user doesn't need to perform the additional step of copying the file path and inputting that into another field.


The other option I was considering, is upon dragging a PDF into that container, a script runs which inserts that same file as a reference, and therefore can simply be clicked to open it where it is located.


Thank you in advance for all of your help!