FileMaker solution for a website under construction - Have I got the deployment details right?

Discussion created by RightRon on Apr 18, 2016

Well, I've tried WordPress (too complicated) and Squarespace (user friendly, but requiring unaesthetic workarounds and not incorporating a CENTRAL database with EVERY bit of info in 1 place (even if distributed over several tables - hence FM Pro Advanced).


Site, rrWhisper.com (still in Draft mode), will be a giant memorial tombstone with every scrap of my life remotely worth preserving - people, characters, models, animals, locations, contexts, photos, correspondence, incidents, observations on my historical niche, etc. Will have between 15-20,000 items.


To that end I plan to assemble the following pieces:

  • Solution built with FM Pro Advanced 14 (longtime user of plain FP Pro);
  • working through 360's Docubin, and SuperContainer, and Photo Director 7 (for image editing);
  • will get the free SuperContainer plugin for reference contents - scripting & calculation engine, and easy file opening for edits
  • above to build the solution (on  the latest Mac desktop).


then to deploy it:

  • I have the above domain currently hosted on BlueHost (for Squarespace site);
  • My plan is to load FM Server 14 there, and use the FM PHP Web Publishing (non-static) tools for the web UI (accessible via its domain name on usual browsers). Plan to have viewer feedback and, with the right privileges, editing powers.  I think I can master the PHP needed.  (PHP is the core of WordPress, and I did a lot of coding there before giving up the overall complexity of WP).


Will any of this work?

Have I left out a step (not to mention expense)?

Can I hire someone at the right time to handle the horrendously complicated Hosting deployment details?


Probably will throw in FM Go at the end, too.


For these answers there are reserved spaces in heaven.



(Ron Hufham)