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ODBC to Oracle Fails for length

Question asked by coherentkris on Apr 19, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 20, 2016 by nicolai

Ok all you ODBC/SQL gurus ive got an interesting issue that I can seem to solve.

FM Server 13v10 on Windows Server 2012.

Pushing data into Oracle via import is failing for length.

I've got a table of native FM records with a text column whose row contents range from 10 to 3898 chars long.

The destination column is VARCHAR2(4000).

It is wide enough to hold the inbound data but it fails to load any content greater than 2000 chars long.

I have tested this and even manually entering / inserting (from the FM side) a contiguous string of 2001 "a" characters fail to commit on the Oracle side.

At 2001 the ODBC driver throws this error.

Other than truncating the data to less than 2001k chars or splitting the records into 2000k max segments what can I do?

The strange thing is that the error that i'm catching does not read like it is char length related.