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Runtime crashes (presumably after Fullscreen Mode)

Discussion created by Benjamin Fehr on Apr 19, 2016
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Product and version:  FM Runtime v13.0.5

OS and version: Mac OSX - 10.11.3

Hardware: iMac 21,5" - 2.7GHz i5 (late 2013), 8GB Ram

Description:  when starting Runtime, it appears like being in Fullscreen Mode (see Screenshot) and crashes right after the Startup Script.

The Startup Script contains some 'Adjust Window [Maximize / Resize to Fit ]' steps. This could be relevant (trigger the crash?) IF this is related to a "Fullscreen Issue"

There's a guess that the user set' Runtime into Fullscreen Mode before quit and also that the Runtime doesn't reset this state when starting again.

I completely reinstalled my Runtime-Solution with no avail

How to replicate: I copied the clients data and could not replicate on my Mac 10.11*)

Workaround: none. I temporarily installed a FMP13 license though my customer don't get f** up


This issue could be related to NBusch 's Report:

Runtime quits with error in MacOS fullscreen mode


Will do more tests after my client did update to latest Mac OS release today.

If there's a known path to a FM Runtime Preferences file, to delete this file would be another test.


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