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    Multiple Money Transactions


      I am confused on tracking some money transactions .

      I don't know whether to create multiple tables or one.

      The money coming in can be for "Donations", "Fees", or Both

      Say a check for $100 comes in and we are accounting a 3% credit card fee, then half as a donation and the other half to fees.

      should all these be in one table for money or multiple tables ?

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          Hi, I just saw your post. From what you say, I can understand your confustion. It actually is not as difficult as it looks. There are a couple of ways you could do this but here is what I suggest.

          You create one table for all the money this will help you in creating reports. I would create several fields one for each time of transaction. I would enter the amount in the appropriate number of fields and create a total field. This would be a calculation that sums the other fields. This is away to verify your data entry is equaling the amount donated.


          Donation     Fee     Total


          the only figures you are interested in is the amount that goes in each field and that it equal the totals. Unless you have some other situation that what you expressed this should solve your problem and allow you to create reports.


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            There is more to it.

            Each donation will be assigned to varying accounts

            Fees are the same way.

            Someone may send in $100

            $25 for one child and $25 for another child

            $50 donation to account 101.


            I want to set it up so in one field (transaction) equals $100

            Then related fields where it assigns differing amounts to the appropriate accounts.

            In the end, the total given and the total from the accounts should be the same.



            Eddie Wooten

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              What is the difference between choosing an account and a child? Are children listed by name or do they fall under an account. What do the accounts represent? Transaction field is your total field.

              Do you have an account table?



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                I think I will use a join table to assign to contact unique id

                But essentially no difference.

                This is a nonprofit camp I am working with

                They get donations and camping registration fees.



                Eddie Wooten

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                  Every table should have a unique id. related to the other tables.

                  This sounds like a registration database for a nonprofit.

                  Here are suggestions for your tables.


                  Money break down as discussed.

                  Donors or Registrants.

                  Accounts? Still don't know what these are for sure but.

                  Camps could be a list or table or the accounts??


                  What you are creating sounds more like a registration database. I have created these and they can get very involved. If you can keep it to the money and where it goes then what is above will work. Create a donor table enter appropriate contact info then relate to the other tables.


                  Here is a suggestion. Take a look on Richard Carlton site for Starting Point database. It is free and I believe would work for you. Also check online under developer solutions, some have create excellent dates along the lines of what you are looking. Most or more than worth the money they are asking. FileMaker starter solution are also a good place to start if you want to create your own.


                  I am adding this caution based on what you seem to not know about developing. The other alternative. FileMaker has some great videos about starting and the concept of relationships.



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                    I actually had RCC bid on this total app. It is huge in scope. This is only one module I am going to build.

                    They estimated it over $25k.

                    Way out of their budget.

                    The solution will take registrations and donations. These could come from the same people. These could also come in one transaction, where they write one lump some check and divvy it out in notes section of the check. Then we need to divvy it out in the solution as well.

                    Eddie Wooten


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