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(WebDirect)View PDF through Mobile Browser ?

Question asked by petery009 on Apr 18, 2016
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There 's a nice to have feature to show PDF on Mobile Browser.

So far i am close to be able to do that.

What i understand and see so far:

1. a pdf stored in an interactive container field

2. it will display as a link ( in some conditions , which is one of the problem i try to figure out )

3. when user click that link , the pdf will open in a web browser.



1. when it will be link , based on what condition ?

2. i see the link after user click is something like this :

https : // ipAddress / Streaming /MainDB/EF22BDE2D3B8BFA35F5BBF57E3FA227C.pdf?SessionKey=EF22BDE2D3B8BFA33F5BBF57E2…


So can we generate this link without user click on it ? then use open url will solve the problem i guess.


Or any other idea ?