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    Standard of Quality from FBA/Certified developer?


      Is there any to be expected?

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          FBA is about selling software.  So that standard would be about quality of the sales experience by clients.  Certified developer is about proficiency in FileMaker technically.  But it doesn't say anything about ability to work well or effectively with clients or to get along with them.  But for technical proficiency, the Certified Developer shows they have a well rounded technical knowledge of FileMaker. 


          Keep in mind that such certifications are similar to those by Microsoft and Oracle and Apple and many other companies.  In general it shows that the client knows how to use the software tool well.  Sometimes corporations or government agencies require some documented proficiency test like the FileMaker Certified one.  But in general, I find few of my clients even know to ask about it.  To me it is more of a sales tool for trying to sell my services and to possibly give the potential client one extra reason to hire me over someone who is not certified. 


          I think all of us have seen developers with excellent work product that are not certified.  And there are a small handful of certified developers that I would not hire, usually because I don't trust them, not because they are not knowledgeable. 


          Looking to industry standards of other software company's certifications, I don't see them having a standard of quality and I think that is mostly because it is a vague term that can be interpreted widely.  And often when people are talking quality, they also are wanting to include value.  But quality is a different measurement than value. 


          I am unfamiliar with any "Standard of Quality" by any of the software manufacturers. 


          There always is the International Standards Organization (ISO) which has various standards using different metrics such as ISO?IEC 9126 about software engineering.  Its metrics are Functionality, Reliability, Usability, Efficiency, Maintainability, and Portability.  Or there is the ISO/IEC 27001 about Information Security Management. 


          I have helped with implementing some NIST and DoHS standards.  In theory it sounds like a great way to measure quality.  The reality is that we spent a lot of time BSing facts about the product and wording around deficiencies to meet the standard and somehow we always met the standard even when in my opinion, it should not have.  I guess I just became a bit cynical about what is supposed to be positive process to assure quality. 

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            By quality I simply mean a solution that functions as expected. I would figure any certified developer should deliver a solution to a client that functions as the client specified and without errors. If there are errors they should fix them. I have run across a few situations where this was not the case at all. I suppose this is only a reflection of those particular developers.


            I guess this holds true in all professions. Not all doctors provide the same quality of care even though they are all MD's.


            Sounds like you are saying from your experience that most people out there do a good job of taking care of clients well and providing a quality product.

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              bigtom wrote:




              Sounds like you are saying from your experience that most people out there do a good job of taking care of clients well and providing a quality product.


              Well, sometimes a question is what is a quality product.  Things I made 10 and 20 years ago I may have considered a quality product then, but if I encountered them now, I would be embarrassed.  A lot of solutions I am asked to work on are old solutions that haven't been updated in years.  It is easy to make fun of them, but I think the bar is higher now and businesses expect more. 


              There still are a lot of FileMaker solutions being built, often by amateurs just getting their feet wet, that are very poor quality.  Most professional developers make decent solutions.  Sometimes the limitation on a developer is not that they could not make something better, but the client is not willing to pay the bill to do that much work.  And I will say I do sometimes run into solutions made by professional developers that are just embarrassing. 


              Most developers deliver a functional product that is useable by the business.  A handful of developers deliver an excellent solution and their work stands out.