Getting Fields from a Portal in php API

Discussion created by zacckos on Apr 18, 2016


I am trying to use portals to get some records from the database however when I try and echo the portal value its empty.

But when I Check the size of the portal set it has a valid number.

         $rec = $result->getRecords();

         //since the above  will only return one customer lets make an array and fill that array with portal results down below

         $customer_projects = array();

         foreach ($rec as $customer)


             //since this result will only return one user lets get the portal records

             $customer_projects = $customer->getRelatedSet('M4 Projects');

             foreach ($customer_projects as $project)


                 $project_name = $project->getField('M4 Projects::Project Name');

                 echo $project_name;



when I print the project_name I dont get any result or errors on the error log

can anyone help.