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    FMSE crash when using CWP


      Product and version FileMaker Server 14 (

      OS and version OS X 10.11.3

      Browser and version (for WebDirect only)

      Hardware Mac mini (late 2014), 16gb ram

      Description FMSE crash when using CWP (PHP API). In crash report is always this line:

      com.filemaker.dbengine.framework0x000000010357dc4b Curl_resolv_timeout + 261

      After some searching online I found some recommendations to add CURLOPT_NOSIGNAL so I added directly to PHP API but no change. We have this issues on two servers right now, both Mac mini with very similar specifications.

      How to replicate I really don't know.

      Workaround (if any)

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          Thank you for your post.


          Both crash reports are similar.  I generally see this timeout error when a "Insert from URL" script step is executed.  What PHP steps are you taking when this issue occurs?



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            Thank you for your reply.


            I call PHP script with these commands:

            $script = $this->db->newPerformScriptCommand($layout, $script, $parameters);

            $result = $script->execute();

            if($this->db->isError($result)) {

              return "-2" . chr(13) . "FM Error Code: " . $result->code . chr(13) . "FM Error Message: " . $result->message;

            } else {

              return $result->getFirstRecord()->getFieldUnencoded("g_php_response");



            and in FileMaker script that I execute from the code above is Perform Script on Server script step where I just create/read data and return new record's ID or result data, this result store to the field g_php_response and then i read this field from PHP.

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              Thank you for the additional information.


              Does the crash always occur when running the script?  If so, have you narrowed the issue down to a particular step?


              Please post the FileMaker script and the script that is run on the server.



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                This issue occur only about 2-3 times per day. The PHP script is called like 100 times per day.


                script called from PHP:

                Screenshot 2016-05-03 11.02.16.png


                Screenshot 2016-05-03 11.04.18.png


                Thank you

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                  Thank you for the scripts.


                  Have you been able to narrow down the crash?  Since you have a lot of Set Field steps, when the script crashes, do any of the fields get populated?


                  What does the script "Log Plug-In run (start/end, script)" do?


                  Can you explain what the custom functions do?  (#P and FMBench_LogScriptEvent)


                  $FMBench is a local variable, and the step that follows is always an Exit Script step.  What is the purpose of $FMBench?


                  In line 17 of the "SYNC UPLOAD (type;uuid;data)" script, if FoundCount is 0 (no records) or greater than 1 (multiple records), the return result is -3.  Correct?


                  Do you notice if the crash occurs if $type="image"?


                  Any other information you can provide may be helpful.



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                    First we thought that crash occurs somewhere in that FM script so we added logging (Log Plugin-In run, $FMBench). Now we know that script finish correctly(last scrip step is logging and this message is in the log) and few seconds after FMSE will crash.


                    This line $result->getFirstRecord()->getFieldUnencoded("g_php_response"); from PHP code will also execute because we always receive some response.


                    Basically whole process finish correctly and then few second later FMSE will crash.

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                      Good to know that the PHP script finishes and the FileMaker script also finishes.


                      Is there another script being executed?  f the FileMaker script is finishing, then the PHP "$result->..." is finishing.


                      Assuming another script isn't being called and the crash occurs a few seconds after the last script step, temporarily put in a Halt Script step after the Perform Script on Server script step.  See if the crash occurs a few seconds later.  If not, then there is something in the remaining five script steps that is triggering the URL timeout crash.



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