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    FMPA 14.05 Crashes when switching to preview mode


      Has anyone experienced FMPA 14.05 Advanced crashing when switching to preview mode? This is suddenly happening regularly, but not always on me. I switch from layout to preview and it blows away.


      El Capitan 10.11.4

      Mac Pro 2008

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          Corruption in your file can cause FMPA to crash.   There was another user that had a similar post as yours and that user stated they changed the theme and the problem went away, even when they changed back to the original theme the issue stopped. 


          It would be wise to run recover on the file.  Recover does not always find corruption even if there is corruption in the file.  If recover files corruption then I suggest using a backup copy that does not have corruption. 


          Objects can be corrupt, so you may have to recreate the layout.   Do not copy items from the original layout to the new layout because you can copy the corrupt object.